WHS Explorer

Explore the World Humanitarian Summit Data and understand the discussed topics and how they are related to keywords on the texts and other variables

Topic Ring

The topic ring allows the user to segment the data by any variable like Topics, National Context or Submission Source. Each value in the variable is represented by on arc along the ring with the angle proportional to the number of paragraphs related to the specific value

The center of the ring contains words that are relevant to one or some of the topics, the size of the word is represents the number of paragraphs containing the word, the color represent the importance of the word from Relevant to Highly Relevant

Significant Words

Want to understand more about a topic or what is important for a country? Clicking in one of the ring's arcs reveals words that appear more frequently in that specific value than in the rest of the documents.

Understanding Words

Understanding how a word is related with a Topic, Region or Type of a document is also easy. When hovering a word, the system shows the proportion of documents containing the word for each value in the ring. Want more details? click and the system will show de distribution of documents containing the word in each variable


Use the search to filter all results and statistics to consider only documents you are interested and use the Paragraphs pane to read the original contents of the documents
  • Make the locals part of solution. This can be really innovative.
  • “Youth are not the problem, they are the solution.”
  • “Facilitating and supporting local solutions can be shared openly to enable scaling.”
  • “Sixth, the humanitarian community should engage and partner with local and international private sector for product solutions and scalable, sustainable outcomes.”
  • Solutions should be innovative, and promote better sharing, networking, inter-operability and co-operation between different stakeholders”.
  • “It is important in protracted crises for humanitarian organizations to move beyond a fire-fighting role and seek longer-term solutions to people’s suffering.”
  • “Are you aware of any innovative solutions that were/are used to meet humanitarian needs? Not at all.”

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